Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March of the kitchens continues!

These photos are from Southern Accents Magazine.


  1. Helo? Is this comment going to post???

  2. Yippee, it worked! Hi, this is Megan from bakedasia.blogspot.com.
    I have been trying to comment here ever since Sunday when you sent me a hello. I don't know what is wrong with my computer that it won't let me, but tonight I had the brilliant idea to try my husbands, which I am using now!
    In the meantime, I did a little shout out to you on my blog, hoping you'd see that I wasn't just ignoring your comment but was actually so very grateful to you for welcoming me to West Virginia! A huge thank you. It is a scary thing to move across the country and not know a single soul there. You have made me feel so welcome. I'd love to come to Charlston some time, and I have told my husband that we need to go to the Pumpkin Festival, which he is up for. So, I will see you there! i'm very excited to see what you make for it.
    I love the inspiration on your blog. Home decor. and design is one of my favorite past times, although thus far it is usually just looking at other peoples rather than doing my own! I am excited to get into a house and bring some ideas to life. The images you post give great ideas.
    Thanks again for the welcome, and hope to see you soon!
    P.S. Your daughter should be a child model. She is ADORABLE!