Friday, March 20, 2009

How I got my shop name

It just dawned on me that some may be wondering how I happened upon Mabel + Lola for my shop name. Well, to be quite honest.....we have two fairies that live with us named Mabel and Lola. They enter our home in the middle of the night through a tiny little fairy door and leave notes and small gifts for my children. My kids also leave their teeth in front of the door for the tooth fairy to come. Molly and Coleson's friends think this is the best thing ever! Molly is having a sleep over this Sat. and I have tiny little notes and a small gift for each little girl that the fairies will leave them. We have had soooooo much fun with this little door! Its kinda like Santa....all year long! If anyone is interested in having their own fairy door for their child.....they will be available for sale this October at the Pumkin Fest. My friend Stephanie who owns Providence Handmade and myself will have a booth there with lots of neat things for sale.

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  1. This is such a cute idea! You should submit it at Tip Junkie!