Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Recap of the HGTV "Green Home"

Now that the sun is out and spring is here I am wanting to change color schemes and bring in more greens. Last years HGTV "Green Home" was one of my favorites. The use of greens was beautiful and the home had a calm and relaxing feel. The home really proved the beautiful can be eco-friendly. The focus of the Green Home is sustainable design and comfort. Nearly everything used in the building of the house came from within 500 miles of the site, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the use of non-renewable resources like gas and oil during transportation. Whenever possible, recycled and environmentally products were used. I was online registering to win this place daily!


  1. I can understand that - it's lovely! I think it's great that eco friendly is starting to work its way into peoples' consciousness. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Hey, I didnt know you had a blog too! Ive been so busy and been sick so I havent blogged much but hopefully things will slow down and I can post alittle more.
    Im loving green too. I thinking I need more white and green in my house so Im working on those to elements. Love the pictures you posted.

  3. What a beautiful home...And it's eco-friendly to boot!!! Great post. You've got another reader :)